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Address: 24 New Orleans Rd Suite 210 Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Phone: 843-683-9592


Dealing with Sellers

Buying a home isn’t a business — it’s personal. That’s why dealing directly with sellers, rather than through a real estate agent, can be tricky and uncomfortable for people who are on the hunt for a new home. For starters, going it alone and searching for potential properties can be a daunting task. One of […]

What kind of properties are these?

It is the way the property is used that determines the type of property it is, not what it looks like.  Based on the intent of the owner, the property could be a principal residence, income property, investment property or dealer property. A principal residence is a home that a person lives in.  There can […]

The 30-year Option

The advantages of a 15-year loan over a 30-year include the obvious shorter term, usually a slightly lower interest rate and that equity builds faster.  The disadvantages are higher payments that are required regardless of temporary personal economic conditions. If a borrower is experiencing unexpected expenses that make it difficult to make the higher payments […]

Removing a Person from a Mortgage

When two people decide, whether they’re married or not, to buy a home, they’re probably considering what a great idea it is.  If later, they rethink the decision and determine to go their separate ways, simply deeding the home to the remaining person may not solve the potential liabilities. In the case of a marriage, […]

Why Put More Down

The least amount in a down payment is an attractive option when people are thinking of buying a home.  A common reason is to have cash available for furnishing the new home and  possible unexpected expenses. Some people don’t have any options because they only have enough for a minimum down payment and the closing […]