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What’s The Story With Those Crazy Chains On Hilton Head Homes?

One of the questions most often asked when folks are looking at homes on Hilton Head Island is,  “Hey, David, why are those chains hanging down from the corners of the house? Are they there to hold the house down during hurricanes?”

Good guess but wrong. Quite simply, all over Hilton Head Island, residents have learned to replace their downspouts with chains that hang from the gutters to ground level. And the reason why is a simple solution to a byproduct of our natural paradise — pine needles.  Our lush, green trees all over the island provide us with cooling shade, fragrant breezes…and tons of pine needles that float down onto rooftops and gutters, and then clog the flow of downspouts.

The chains let the water flow down to the ground unimpeded. And because Hilton Head Island is located on sandy soil, the water drains right into the ground. Also since we do not have basements on Hilton Head, there is no need to divert the water away from the home.

I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit about everyday life on Hilton Head Island. I welcome the opportunity to share the blessings of life here with you…

David R. Pautler, Retirement and Second Home Coach, RE/MAX Island Realty


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